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Coronavirus Communication

Keeping you updated with current financial information.

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NEW [7/31/20] Second Wave Looks to Have Peaked

[6/1/20] The Tax Implications of Working from Home

[5/7/20]The Silence Can Be Deafening

[4/28/20] Is the Coronavirus a Threat to Your Information Security?

[4/24/20] Avoiding the Unintended Tax Consequences of the 529 Plan Refund

[4/9/20] How Coronavirus Concerns Are Changing Insurance Underwriting Procedures

[4/1/20] How Your Assets Are Protected: Explaining the Insurance Coverage Maze

[4/1/20] The Importance of Estate Planning in a Health Crisis


[7/6/20] The CARES Act 2020 RMD Waiver: What You Need to Know

[6/1/20] Charitable Giving Incentives Under the CARES Act

[5/1/20] Unemployment Benefits Under the CARES Act

[4/13/20] What You Need to Know About “Recovery Rebates” Under the CARES Act

[4/7/20] Health Insurance Resources for Laid-Off Workers

[4/3/20] The CARES Act Student Loan Relief Options: Who Benefits and How?

[3/31/20] Q&A:  Understanding the New CARES Act

For Business Owners

[7/7/20] New Legislation Extends PPP Loan Applications Through August 8, 2020

[4/14/20] How the Expanded EIDL Program Can Help Your Small Business

[4/6/20] The Paycheck Protection Program: Offering Financial Support for Small Businesses

[4/3/20] How Plan Sponsors Should Respond to the CARES Act

Weekly Market Update

August 3, 2020

Blog Updates from Commonwealth CIO Brad McMillan

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