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Fun Facts:  Land Masses, Etiquette, Brief Market News Thumbnail

Fun Facts: Land Masses, Etiquette, Brief Market News

Are you ready for a few stories that are more light-hearted? These days it seems to happen more and more that I get sick and tired of listening to the ----- news! But economic and business developments are built into our DNA, so it is hard to refrain from listening. I find myself looking for a Kumbaya moment every now and then. So here goes….

Visualizing the True Size of Land Masses – before you click here take a guess what country is no. 1 and who is the smallest. This will get your mind off the headlines at least for a few minutes!

As you feed through the “list of 25” on this post it is quite intriguing that we are now considering some of these actions as quite normal. I particularly like the reference to a proper handshake – not sure I remember how to make one. 

For this last one, I could not help returning to “market news” but this will be brief. Most of you have heard the phrase, “Be fearful when others are greedy, be greedy when others are fearful.” This quote was penned by non-other than Warren Buffett. Are we in a period that makes people fearful? You bet. That fear is manifested in the markets which tells an interesting story. According to Fidelity Investments, nearly 1/3 of its customers age 65+ sold 100% of their equity holdings between Feb 15 and May 20. On top of that – money market funds crested recently at roughly $4.8 trillion, higher by 20% (and a record) than in 2008/2009! This does not sound like a “bubble” building in equity prices when you find that much cash sitting in – incredibly low – interest bearing accounts. 

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