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History, Investors, Headlines Thumbnail

History, Investors, Headlines

  1. In this History of Pandemics - this post provides perspective to what we are looking at with reference to history.  The graphics add to the story and the concise narrative makes it a useful learning tool. We would all be better served by reading this type of info and sharing it with others.  It won’t fix the virus but it adds perspective. 
  2. Barry Ritholtz has gathered some useful data on recent behavior of ‘professional’ investors in comparison to ‘retail’ investors (ie – you and me). In  this article  he points to how the individual investor with passive/index vehicles at Vanguard and BlackRock have been net buyers of equities in the market downturn. In contrast to one measure of passive investing by the ‘professional’ investor show them to be net sellers. It helps to remember what works in the long run…buy low and sell high. 
  3. And now for the rest of the story – very timely with our battle against the coronavirus and a perspective that can help get us through. History Not Headlines.pdf

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