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Mid-Year Reviews, Women Earning, Gold Thumbnail

Mid-Year Reviews, Women Earning, Gold

Anyone tired of the panoply of Mid-Year Reviews by yet another financial strategist? Not sure how significant they are in a normal period, but this certainly does not qualify as a normal year. Hence, the readily available “mid-year whatever’s” may not contain much other than – opinion. But alas, Barry Ritholtz pens a brief piece  here  that asks 5-questions that may help keep your own investment approach in line. Very succinct writing.

 With so much attention being directed to the many groups of people and individuals in society, there is one group that clearly stands out. In this graphic , our friends at Visual Capitalist and NY Life Investments do credible work for the contributions and  progress that women have made over many, many decades. It is refreshing to see such developments as part of a free society.

 And for all the gold-bugs out there, this piece will make you happy. Well sort of – at least it will make sure you stay “connected” to gold a while longer. It is a brief historical recap of gold for the past 105-years. 

FourThoughts – Jim Butler, CFP®, AIF®

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