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Our Friends at Visual Capitalist are Magicians Thumbnail

Our Friends at Visual Capitalist are Magicians

Our friends at Visual Capitalist are magicians at creating pictures that appear like a short film. They are all related to the threats and impacts from the COVID-19 virus. 

1. The market for vaccines and treatments in development is more active that what appears in the headlines-of-the-day and these pictures are only the start. This isn’t meant to suggest solutions to the epidemic is around the corner, but they may not be that far off. 

2. There are certain members of our citizenry that are known to be more vulnerable to the coronavirus and potentially with severe respiratory consequences. In this story we gain an appreciation of the location of this population. This may broaden how we look at the parts of the country that are clearly more under siege.

3. The last story is one that depicts the psychological pitfalls of market cycles.  This graphic does an excellent job of recapping the build-up of confidence from a bull market and then the anxiety from a bear market. It may leave you asking the question, ‘where are we now?’  

FourThoughts – Jim Butler, CFP®, AIF®

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