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Populous, Returns, Stimulus Thumbnail

Populous, Returns, Stimulus

 When you consider the 20 Most Populous Cities globally, did you realize the US does not even make the top ten? Initially this appears amazing but when you look at the graphic (click here) it reminds us how big the world is beyond our shores.

 As 2020 fades further behind us, it is still useful to review the investment returns since 1928 of major asset classes. While this data is available from a variety of sources, Ben Carlson shows us how to look at the information a few different ways. You can Click Here and Click Here to gain a more comprehensive understanding. 

 What do the US and global economies look like in 2021 and how will the markets respond? This is a topic of conversation for financial journalists and Zoom cocktail parties alike particularly with a change in leadership in Washington. In this article , Barry Ritholtz touches on 5 drivers of the market looking forward. You may not agree with all his observations, but they are all worthy of closer consideration. 

FourThoughts – Jim Butler, CFP®, AIF®


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