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Roth IRA, Google Searches, Gold Thumbnail

Roth IRA, Google Searches, Gold

Want some entertainment looking at popular Google searches in the US? This is fun to watch and you can “zoom” into specific time frames over the past decade. You will be amazed at some of the searches and may catch yourself saying, “oh yea, I remember that.” 

 A commonsense way to save for our kid’s future is with a Roth IRA. Since the account cannot realistically be put into the name of an infant, it would need to be registered to one of the parents, grandparents, guardian, etc. In this article , Ben Carlson talks about the advantages of such an approach. If you take a few extra minutes and watch the video, he debates similar issues with a colleague that could help a young family member save for the future.  

Although we previously included a graphic on the price of gold since 1915 – and it looked very impressive – I came across some research recently that views the returns of gold through a different lens. The current rise in gold is to recently high levels or around $2,000. The last time it approached that level was in Aug 11, 2011 when it hit $1,850. So, from 2011 to 2020, it had a 6% total return. If you contrast that with the S&P 500 Index which stood at 1,173 on 8-11-2011, it rose to 3,263 on July 31. That is almost a 3X increase over the same period. Pretty convincing who won that race over the past 9-years.

If you expand the time horizon from Jan 1980, gold stood at just over $800. From there to here, gold has gone up about 2.5 times during which time the CPI went up at 3.3 times. Inflation hedge you say. The amazing point is that from Jan 1980 to now, gold has risen about 2.5 times - while the S&P 500 Index has risen 29 times. Certainly, a worthy comparison. 

FourThoughts – Jim Butler, CFP®, AIF®

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