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Trendlines: May 15, 2019 Thumbnail

Trendlines: May 15, 2019

1. The Fundamental of Building Wealth Over Time

Not sure about you, but I never tire of revisiting the fundamentals in just about any activity or subject area. For example, if my golf game is tanking, I revisit the fundamentals of proper thought process, efficient swing path, etc. and things tend to work out for the better. This post by Ben Carlson of A Wealth of Common Sense, talks about the fundamentals of building wealth over time. From a) delaying gratification, b) stopping the comparison game, c) furthering your career, d) never stop learning, e) setting realistic goals, and f) finding comfort in being uncomfortable, these observations do not change. Be sure to watch the brief video clip on “monkey behavior” for some levity! (You can search for his Financial Superpowers post of 5-9-2019 to arrive at the same place.)

2. Mapped: The World Divided Into 4 Regions With Equal Populations

Once again, our friends at the Visual Capitalist have hit a home run with this picture on global population. If you think New York, Chicago or LA are crowded, look again at this graph (titled World Map: Divided into 4 Regions) and see things from a broader perspective.

world divided into four regions with the same population

3. Market Capitalization

On March 10, 2009, the market capitalization of all US stocks was $7.6 trillion. On May 10, 2019, that figure was $31.7 trillion. This is an advance of more than 4X.  As of this writing, we appear to be at a new level of uncertainty due to US – China trade talks. However, I would lay odds that the $31.7 trillion figure cited above will be much higher say in 5+ years. (Source: Wilshire)

4. Baseball Has Changed ... A Lot

Baseball fans will nod in agreement with this fact from MLB. In 1917, Babe Ruth was a pitcher and went 24-13 with an ERA of 2.01. He threw for 35 complete games. In 2018, across all 30-teams in the Major Leagues, there were a total of 42 complete games thrown. Yes, the game of baseball has changed quite a lot.

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