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Trendlines: May 23, 2019 Thumbnail

Trendlines: May 23, 2019

1. How Equities Can Reduce Longevity Risk

When we read a story or an article that is packed with useful insights, we can’t help ourselves. This graphic from our friends at Visual Capitalist, once again, has anecdotes worth re-reading and passing along to someone you care about. The title, Will You Outlive Your Savings? touches on several important points from longevity to savings/investing and building sustaining wealth. The only part I beg to differ is the reference to the “100-Age Rule” which they partly dismiss also. It is an outdated rule of thumb that is basically irrelevant and doesn’t deserve the light of day (in my opinion of course). (You can search – how equities can reduce longevity risk – to find this piece as well.)

2. Vanguard’s Clever Share Class Tax Moves

In this post, Barry Ritholtz explains not only why ETFs tend to be more tax efficient but also why Vanguard is that much more effective in managing taxes and costs. This is not an endorsement for funds managed by Vanguard but rather a way to highlight a strategy that helps keep more money in your pocket. And you don’t need to fully understand the details of the process to appreciate what is taking place. (search Vanguard’s Clever Share Class Tax Moves – The Big Picture)

3. People are Awesome!

Ok so this POST is only slightly out of character for these issues but it is light and fun to watch. We can’t say these younger folks are wasting their time with video games if they can do these stunts. (You can search on YouTube for “People are Awesome 2019 Ep. 18”.) Enjoy!

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