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Trendlines:  November 29, 2019 Thumbnail

Trendlines: November 29, 2019

Trendlines – Jim Butler, CFP®, AIF®

  1. We have heard this stated in different ways and this time I will simply ask, “Do you look to the future with optimism or pessimism?” I freely choose the former and offer this piece  as testament for you to do the same. All of us have certainly heard the saying, “there are always storm clouds on the horizon” (aka – negative headlines in the media). We are certainly in a period when this is no exception but alas – this too shall pass. For today and this holiday season, Brian Wesbury offers more than one reason to give thanks. 
  2. As we read through a variety of material for general interest and attempt to select those pieces that appear to offer broad appeal, we are glad to share this one with you. The author’s take on energy production is unique but it is well written and likely gets nods of approval from many walks-of-life. 
  3. Music lovers can delight in this clip covering the last 50-years of popular artists. For me, I recognized most of the artists but admit that they all do not fall on my “hit parade” for entertainment. How many do you recognize? 
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